episode 3: I’ve Got My Spine I’ve got my Cracker Crush

So…..Episode 3 – The trilogy is complete – or something.

Here’s the title reference – I’ve been back into old (i.e. good) R.E. M. again lately.

So I FINALLY was able to make it back to Las Ventas and Luiz – the Spanish import store near my home in Boston. He gave me six more cheeses to try, in two different episodes.

Today was all about the crackers baby, the three cheeses we tried were all kinda dry (it was dry city!) and really needed an oily cracker to eat them with – something we didn’t discover until the end.

This episode introduces someone sure to be a frequent cheesefreaker and also a background cheese eater at all of the episodes, bob, my husband (oy my!) (It’s Massachusetts folks).MassachusettsGayMarriage

So I finally gave in and bought a couple of cheese references for myself, only after about 10 bookstore and many a bookshop keeper looking at me like I was crazy when I asked for books on cheese.  I decided Steve Jenkins’ Cheese Primer , 1996 aside, was pretty damn useful.  And I also bought  Murray’s Cheese Shop guide.  For those of you not from the Northeast, Murray’s in NYC is basically mecca/wailing wall/Bethlehem/wherever important for those who like cheese.  Someday I’ll make it back there and implode from pleasure.

[Yes – this picture is of ‘Cheesus’ – a Jesus shaped cheese puff]

So here’s what we had:
1. Garrotxa
Firm, pasteurized goat redolent of damp caves and tasting of wet wood – spruce and pine – as though it were aged with bark. Made near Barcelona – one of my favorite places on earth – I was only there for like 24 hours, but totally fell in love *sigh* want to go back. Gaudi, the architect was a nutcase, but he made some amazing buildings there.


2. Majorero – from Fuerteventura in the Canary islands. Holy moley it looks beautiful there.


The words milky and nutty are used a lot when describing this cheese.   We found it to have a surprisingly soft texture for goat cheese.  I’m definitely a fan of this – probably needs some fruit preserves with it – online somewhere I saw you should have pear (total aside – I went through a pear phase about three years ago where I did everything pear.  I used to hate them and then all of a sudden couldn’t get enough – it passed thank god)


3. Manchego,  a  Sheep Cheese: Luiz wanted to up the ante and give us a Manchego that was aged for 12 months, again from El Trigal in La Mancha, Castilla. – I found it even more flavorless than the 3 months.  Weird because I had a rockin’ piece of Manchego on a salad over the weekend in Ptown.    

Also we had a white Sauvignon Blanc called Line 39 from Lake County in Cali. from our close by neighborhood grocery – Foodie’s – love that place!

So the big news on this blog was that …drum roll…it REALLY matters what kind of cracker you eat the cheese with.  I’m not willing to give up on my stones wheat thins just yet, but man – we got these fancy food crackers from Spain called Renagas (apparently they’re so old school they don’t even have a website – but you can buy them online here. made with olive oil and the cheeses were sooooo much better on them.


1 Response to “episode 3: I’ve Got My Spine I’ve got my Cracker Crush”

  1. 1 Lauren
    September 17, 2009 at 2:12 am

    1. We need smell-o-vision, stat!
    2. pronunciation of garrotxa is GarroCHa. Just fyi, should you encounter any other Basque tx situations.

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