episode 4: I’m Such A Boob…

Well folks, this might be my one and only PG-13 blog post.  Do read on…

First off the title is a couple of references, you’ll see….Primarily I forgot to introduce my second guest (Conan- you have nothing to fear).  In this post you’ll see my BFF Megan (sp-ed teacher) and her husband  Seth (Harvard).  I’m sure they’re going to be in this project mucho times…

So we went once again to Las Ventas – a Spanish food import store near my house in Boston’s South End and Luiz.

Here’s what we devoured:

1. Queso Ahumado de Pria – from the tiny town (413 people) of Pria in the northern area of Asturias Spain (It’s a principality and has its own prince!) they even speak their own language of Asturian.  It’s so prudy there!!!


It’s imported by some company called Cata Gourmet which seems to import a lot of cheeses.  It’s very hard to find information about this cheese.

It’s a 2 month old cow and goats milk cheese that is one of the few cheese from Spain that has a smokey flavor.  It was darn delicious!  And the smokeyness came at the very end….mmmm…

2. Manchego el Romano.  This is another Manchego, which was supposed to be more special because it had been coated in rosemary and aged in caves for 10 months, but again I found it to be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  My guests really tasted the rosemary, but I was a bit bored.  “Rosemary….” I love that song! By Interpol called ‘Evil’ .Total aside – it has a very cool and freaky video which was directed by a very cool artist called Charlie White.

3. Ok Kids, here it is, the booby cheese. Tetilla, from Galicia (one of the first kingdoms of Europe), from a company called Ninfas.  Or if you’re following along the company name is young chick and the cheese name in English is boob or tit.
tetillaTeenage jokes aside, this is a damn good cheese.  It’s named after boobies because they shape it in a way mold into a shape that’s booby-like. It’s a soft  cows milk cheese which you eat very soon and it has a mild and tangy flavor. It’s soooooo good.  And it was good on its own without any crackers.

Side note: I’m getting a little bored myself with this format, so I decided to take some new actions to spice this thing up (after the next episode – which was taped the same night).

#1 We’re moving on from Spain – I will finish the store, eventually…it’s only 20 cheeses total anyways.

#2 We’re going mobile.  I’m going to buy a flip cam and take this show on the road.  I’ve had lots of cool conversations with folks who want me to film them making and eating cheese, so we’re going to bust a move soon….just hold on a few more episodes!


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