Episode 8(ish): Even Cowgirls get the cheese

Well I’m hoping ya’ll get the title reference…it’s a decent Tom Robbins book and crappy Uma Thurman movie…Does anyone read him anymore, he was so huge in my early 20s…

So my friend from DC, Angela (National Association of State Arts Agencies) brought me some cheese!  Yeah finally someone brought me some!

She picked it up at a cool cheese shop called ‘Cowgirl Creamery.’  I guess there’s lots of them around the country – I love the name.  It ends up it’s two hippie  ladies who own a small farm north of San Fran and make cheese – they also have shops… *sigh* I can dream can’t I?  They also have a wicked cool ( and slightly overwhelming) ‘Library of cheese.’

It was muy excellente, although a bit hard to find out stuff about ….

Cave Aged Marisa (sheeps milk from Wisconson):

From the farm – Carr Valley Cheese website: This natural-rind variety gets its complex, sweet and slightly rambunctious flavors from open-air cave aging. It took 1st Place in its class at the 2005 American Cheese Society Competition, was a Blue Ribbon prize winner at the 2005 Wisconsin State Fair, and took 2nd Place in its class at the World Cheese Competition.

Here’s some more information about Carr Valley Cheese – pretty cool stuff:

“Carr Valley Cheese is one of America’s finest specialty cheese plants. From traditional classics like expertly aged Cheddar Cheese to award-winning American Originals like Cocoa Cardona and Gran Canaria, our skilled cheesemakers turn milk delivered fresh from local dairy farms into more than 100 delicious cheese varieties.

Our family’s passion for cheesemaking excellence runs deep. Today, fourth-generation owner Sid Cook is one of a small handful of certified Master Cheesemakers in the United States. It’s a distinction awarded only to veteran Wisconsin craftsmen who complete a rigorous 15-year advanced training and education program.”



2 Responses to “Episode 8(ish): Even Cowgirls get the cheese”

  1. November 24, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Hey Jason,

    Next time you are in Wisconsin, or anywhere, ask for chocolate cheese. We used to ge some when we lived in Illinois. It has the texture of chocolate fudge for any cheese and chocoholics.


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