Episode 11: His first blue at Ninety-Two!

Hey Cheesenerds,

Sorry it has been a while since my last update.  I have tons of good footage and just no time to post it.

In this episode I have the great honor of having on my Mom and my beloved/hilarious 92 year old jewish/WWII veteran Grandfather.  We trekked down to good ol’ St Petersburg (seriously folks, the place is stuck in the style of 1967 – it’s almost MadMen retro cool!)

I had bought a few cheeses at the local farmers market near my house…yes I actually flew cheese to Florida for my lame blog.

Here’s what we noshed on:

1.Maplebrook Farm Mozzarella – So this is a locally made Mozzarella, from a farm in Bennington, VT.  Yes it is that stupid beautiful there:

A lot of twitter folks and grocery store folks all seemed very excited for this cheese to be in stock – I guess it comes along only for a little while a year. More of their backstory here…It’s a tasty and mild cheese- definitely needed to be eaten with something else. My grandfather said it tasted like (horrors!) a regular Kraft’s single.

mmmm american cheese food product….

Well at least the dog approved.

2. Grafton Village Cheddar with Sage.  Ok – who knew – My  mom hates sage! Doh!  As usual the Grafton Village Cheddar was fabulous – see our review in episode 7.  It was filled with Sage though and had a weird, but kinda cool sagey aftertaste.  Not dog approved.

On a jewish side note – after googling this they do carry it at Zabar’s! Otherwise known as mecca for jewish food in the upper west side NYC…

3.Great Hill Blue.  Go. Buy. This. Now.  Excellent Excellent blue – mild, thick with butterfat, raw cow blue aged 120 days. Made in Marion, Massachusetts from a 100 year old farm. More about the cheese here.  This was the best blue we’ve ever had on the show.  BEST. EVER.  and it’s freakin’ gorgeous to look at!

And the coolest part – it was the first blue cheese my grandfather had ever had.

How awesome is that.


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