Episode 21: Rocky Mountain Cheese High

Hello Cheeseheads,

So this is the final episode from our little Colorado adventure.  Apparently word has spread amongst the family clan about cheese, because when I showed up, my brother Michael and his wife, Lacey, showed up with cheeses for us to devour!  Love it when people bring cheese!

This was particularly cool because they brought all local cheese made in Colorado.  I know right – who knew Colorado made cheese?  Anyways, I also showed up with some aged Grafton Cheddar  – can’t get enough of that stuff (it’s all over this blog – starting with episode 7)!

Here’s what they brought:

1. Haystack Mountain Boulder Chevre Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy began in 1989 when ofounder Jim Schott left teaching and began raising goats on his farm in Niwot, Colorado. Doesn’t he look happy with his goats:

Today Haystack Mountain is recognized as a producer of premium goat milk cheeses.  This classic fresh semi-soft cheese is Haystack’s flagship product, and it won an American Cheese Society award 2001.

Unfortunately we were not crazy about this one.  Words like glue and powder kept coming up – oh well – glue has its other purposes…

2. MouCo Camembert from Fort Collins, CO- Birgit Halbreiter grew up in Germany and her dad is a master cheesemaker.   They started the company in 2001. MouCo Camembert is the first cheese that they  started producing, with 45 years of family experience. It had a soft and creamy texture with a hint of tartness, we had a relatively young sample of this cheese.  It was damn tasty.  Highly suggested.   It had a bit of a mushroomy aroma.  Go get this one Colorado!

The term ‘camembert’ was originally a name protected cheese from France, but now it can be made anywhere.  It looks and tastes a lot like brie.

3. All was not lost for Haystack farm – we also had their Haystack Chile Jack – and it was darn tasty.   It’s a monterey Jack style cheese made with goat’s milk with roasted mild green chilies  Jack cheese were invented in America by a dude named David Jacks, near Monterey, CA in the 1890s.  Usually it’s made with cow’s milk and is very soft, white and gentle.  It’s actually pretty typical to throw in some chilies.

We think these are Hatch chilies in this puppy.  Hatch chilies are kinda huge out there I guess, as Michael does some splainin’ about.  They even have their own festival and hatch chili beer! Mmmmmm chili beer.

No mention of chilies may happen in my life without a reference to the Simpsons’ awesome episode where Homer trips on the hottest chilies on earth:

All in all this episode was eye opening to me just about how many places have cheese farms.  This blog will just keep knitting and knitting and….(Sorry – Pee Wee reference….)


2 Responses to “Episode 21: Rocky Mountain Cheese High”

  1. March 7, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    I swear I didn’t start drinking and celebrating the Oscars early, but I read “Boerenkass Raw Milk Gouda” as “BROKENASS.” Damn lysdexia.

  2. 2 thecheesefreak
    March 19, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    🙂 awesome!

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