Episode 22: How the other one billionth lives

So Bob and I randomly won a free weekend (thanks for inviting us to yoga Javier!) at this incredible resort called the Winvian in Litchfield, CT.  Litchfield, CT is one of those strange ultra-rich New England towns north of NYC where the rich and famous used to and still vacation (see Great Barrington and Stockbridge, etc.)  We’re talking stores which sell tweed coats and ties with whales on them with no irony.   Or dudes who think this is stylin’ without knowing who Vampire Weekend is:

So we didn’t quite know what to expect.

It ends up that Winvian is some rich person’s former fancy farm that the owners  then hired a ton of cool architects to build lodge pavilions on.  It’s all like one big inclusive hotel.   We won a free night at this AMAZING treehouse pavilion…

Get this – It costs over $2000 a night to rent these places.  We’re talking this is a resort the mega-rich.  You know the kind – houses on Nantucket, buying political power and willing to drop the cost of a full vacation on one night in Litchfield.  In other words – not us.

So I felt obligated to let you all in to the world a bit, hence, I took a ton of footage of it at the end of the video so you could see what it looked like.

I figured there had to be a damn cheese store in a town like this right? Right!  It ends up there is a Dutch import store – and we’re talking these folks were right off the boat, probably with clogs on. 

They were very nice people who moved to Litchfield in 1965 and said it was the ‘worst decision they ever made.’ Yikes.  Anywhoo they carried good food and gave us three authentic Dutch cheeses.

I’m kinda thinking that the Dutch really are obsessed with Gouda (check out episode 13 where I explain more about Gouda, or you can just read up on it on wikipedia) – as all three cheeses she gave me were a play on Gouda or just straight up Gouda:

1. BenningA mild ’gouda like’ (surprise) goat cheese. This is a highly respected brand. It is mild and has a peppery finish.  I guess it’s weird to find gouda made of goat milk.  It’s decent and not exciting, oh who am I kidding – it was a total snore.  At least the cheese cover is kinda cool, dutch design and all.

2. Boerenkass Raw Milk Gouda This is the cheese the store was most excited about, plus it’s just fun to say.  Boer basically means farmer and Kass means cheese – so, you guessed it, it’s farm made ‘gouda like’ cheese by hand.  The top of the line stuff.  It’s got a golden rind and a rich sharp complex flavor – also nutty.  We liked it.   It’s supposedly pretty hard to find.  Check out the size of these mo’ fo’s!

3. Noord Hollander Extra Aged Classic Gouda – I think the Noord Hollander is a type of cow.  This is a kick-arse aged 4 year gouda – it’s like the cheddar of Holland.  It’s ‘delightfully rich with a dense nutty flavor.’  We liked this one a lot – it was so intense and…

Be sure to stick around after the cheese eatin’ to see footage of the Treehouse!


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