Episode 23: Recessionista CheeseFreak Part Deux – Oh it’s bad, it’s REAL bad.

Hey folks!

Sorry for my extended cheese break.  I’ve been wicked busy and needed to take off the cheese shackles for a couple of weeks.   But we’re back and well, worse than ever!    While I do have some episodes with great cheeses coming up, this little ditty is a lesson in caution.

I went to the local Stop and Shop and was determined to find three decent non-fancy cheeses.  I think I overcompensated a bit and went for unique cheeses people usually wouldn’t buy.  They were all pretty bad.

My unfortunate test bunnies were bff’s Megan and Seth (if I can ever get his name right on camera!).

Here’s what we ate (and somehow managed to not spit back out):

1. Queso De Hoja or Dominican Leaf Cheese – made by Quesos La Ricura LTD – a maker of ‘fine Salvadorian foods’ in Hicksville NY (unfortunate town name).  It’s supposed to be sort of like a bocconcini (Italian cheese balls like mozerella) or string cheese.  It’s basically salty plastic.  I can see if you took a piece and melted it with some meat it might be good-ish.   Megan said it was like Fun Tape – remember that 1950’s version of food?  Mmmm food product…

2. Wensleydale Cheese with Apricots. – from the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes (great info on the website).    So this is the real Wallace and Gromit deal cheese.  Real Wensleydale cheese is only made at this one creamery.  It’s in the Yorkshire ‘Dales’ – which are the limestone meadows in that area – so darn pretty there:

      The limestone changes the grass nutrient content which gives the cheese its unique flavors.  It’s been made since 1150!  I was really excited to try it because of its fame from the W&G animation.

      What a disappointment.  You’ve hear the saying – “they go together like chalk and cheese” (meaning ‘not at all’).  Well this tastes like someone had actually combined chalk and cheese. Ugh.

      3. Blarney Castle Cheese by Kerry Gold (could it be more Irish?) – Kerry Gold is a big milk conglomerate.  Just outside of Cork, Ireland is the Blarney Castle – from the marketing: ”Cork’s lush pastures and clean water is used to make this semisoft cow’s milk cheese”…it’s supposed to be reminiscent of a young gouda and good for sandwiches, quiche , etc.   It was kinda blandtastic – not that great but not offensive.   At least the Blarney Castle is pretty:

        There was clearly no getting into that place uninvited!

        I can imagine this cheese is one folks in Ireland grow up with and kind of yearn for as a remembrance of youth…like me and Kraft singles processed cheese food.

        Well all in all, this was not the best cheese ever, to say the least. I promise I WILL find good cheese at a normal grocery store – I’ve got a trick up my sleeve for that one!


        4 Responses to “Episode 23: Recessionista CheeseFreak Part Deux – Oh it’s bad, it’s REAL bad.”

        1. 1 Laurie
          February 22, 2010 at 5:57 am

          Is the t-shirt your own design? I want one!

        2. 3 rosa
          January 21, 2011 at 3:27 am

          I have to make you aware of the great injustice you’ve experienced when you tasted that fake representation of Dominican leaf cheese. First red flag, is a Dominican cheese made by a salvordorian company. Real Dominican leaf cheese doesn’t smell taste or look anything like that. I’ve tasted that fake stuff and have been outraged to see that it would even bare the same name. If you are ever in a bodega (small neighborhood latin market )in an area with a high concentration of dominicans(like NY) you may be able to find the real thing, made in and imported from the Dominican Republic. Otherwise, only in the DR will you find the real thing. Then I would be interested in your comment. Only then will your review be of the authentic cheese.

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