Episode 25: We likey Harry’s!

Hi All – please forgive my very excessive absence!  I’ve started a new job and have been wicked busy with moving Bob and I to a new city!  DC that is.  It’s a now capital cheese show!

So, I have a bit of footage shot back up in New England…this puppy is a part two of the night we shot this winter with Sonal and Mahin.  Bob snuck into this one too!

After that dreadful trip to Trader Joe’s cheeses, I also went to this hole in the wall cheese shop in Boston’s Haymarket (it’s the market where they sell wholesale, total pandemonium but worth going to) called Harry’s.  It was kinda scary on the outside but inside is filled with this awesome world of cheese that’s wicked cheap!  It was kinda like going to willy wonka’s factory. Go now!!!!  Roy there is awesome.  It’s at 98 Blackstone St. what are you waiting for?

Here’s what we devoured:

1. Parrano from Holland. WE LOVED THIS CHEESE – Bob went apesh*t over this one.  It won the 1st runner up for world cheese competition several times.  It’s a mild nutty salty and sweet (drooling yet?) cow cheese which is semi-firm and has a smooth golden color aged 5 months.  They make it in big mofo 20lbs wheels and it is technically a gouda. It is marketed like an Italian Parmagianno Reg.   People say it’s a Dutch cheese that think it’s Italian.  Whateves, it’s just damn good… go get it now!  It made us feel like:

2. Morbier from France.  This is a cow cheese which split the crowd.   It’s recognizable by it’s vegetable ash (some would say tastes like ‘ass’) strip.   It’s a semisoft cheese aged 45 days to 3 months.  It’s made in the village of Morbier France (Comte region).  It’s got a yellow rind.

It has a pretty cool story behind why it has the line of ash.   Basically the cheesemakers would have leftover milk from the morning cheese and they would pour  into the mold and it would only fill half the mold.  So they would cover it would a layer of ash to protect it and then pour the evening milk on top of it.  So basically this cheese was born out of not wanting to waste milk.  Now they do it on purpose.

Some of us hated this cheese as the ash layer is well, ash-y.  I thought it was ok, some hated it.  Well at least it’s purdy where it’s made:

3. Danish Blue from Denmark.  This is a GREAT blue.  Go get it. This is a semi-soft cow blue aged 8-12 weeks.  you can eat the rind.  It was invented in early 1900s by Marius Biel trying to imitate a Roquefort style cheese.  It’s milder and sharp and salty and served crumbled on crackers or a salad.  It’s hella good like No Doubt.


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