Episode 26: the Lemonheads

The CheeseFreak is back in action!  I know my ‘dozens and dozens’ of viewers have been wondering:

Well I’ve just been darn busy with my new job, but I’ve decided to get back into the cheese action.  I have a ton of old footage I haven’t posted and some new I’d like to shoot, so to all my new DC peeps, if you’re into eatin’ cheese with me let me know and we’ll get together and start the cheesefreakin’!!

So, where were we – well it was May in Boston and I sat down with my good friend Meri to try tres excellente cheeses from Fromaggio’s (that fancy cheese store in the South End).  Awwwww the South End – I’m mega sentimental about my old guppie hood. Well I’m just sentimental about Boston in general….

So here’s what we ate:

1. Limburger: Boy,was I reluctant to try Limbuger after all those Loony Tune memories of this cow cheese being supposedly so stinky and strong.  It’s supposedly the world’s stinkiest cheese.

well as luck would have it this cheese is actually fabulous. Limburger was originally invented in Germany by Belgian Monks (I don’t understand either) who wash the cheese in beer (mmmmmm beer), which gives it the stink.  It is mild, slightly salty and fruity.  This Limburger is actually made in Wisconsin and is aged 6-12 weeks.  It’s best with beer (duh) and/or cider.

2. Caprotto: OMG this is an amazing cheese. Go get it right now.  It’s a goat’s mild cheese from Salerno, Italy.  What amazing is the cheese made from goats who graze under lemon trees and they end up eating a lot of lemons.  The cheese actually has a lemon flavor.  Seriously yo, it’s incredible.   Here’s where Salerno is, btw:

and for some reason all this talk of Lemons go me thinking of the Lemonheads, that grunge band who did the cover of Mrs. Robinson.  Yes kids, we did dress like this and this sound actually was popular.  Don’t judge.

3. Bleu des Basques:  Well you might have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with cheeses from the Basque region, especially the blues. This one is actually from the Pyrenees Mountains in the French Basque region.  This is an excellent blue and pretty fab for parties.

Actually all three of these were just great, a rarity on this show.

Soooooooo I’m happy to be back!


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