Episode 27: BFF Chrismakuh Cheesefreak

Hello Cheesefreakers!

This is a very brought to you all by our BFF’s Megan and Seth from Boston (who we miss terribly).  They were kind enough to send along to us some tasty delights from Zingermans – a food shop from MI with a good sense of humor and very enthusiastic cheesemongers.

So Zingermans was so thorough in their explanation of the cheeses I think It’s worth giving them some screentime and writing what they wrote about the cheeses:

1. L’Etivaz

2. Emmetaler

3. Comte from Essex Street Market

4. Antique Gruyere

In short – all of these were similar cow’s milk hard cheeses with subtle differences.  I think the biggest surprise was the Comte, we’ve had it on the show before, but never even close to this good.  It’s a pretty general cheese from France, so I think you really have to fight to find a good one of these.  Bob also loved the Antique Gruyere.  All of these were excellent-ish.  All good for parties and all good for cooking with.  and Zingerman’s is truly charming.

The best part of this was it was a surprise from our friends – we love you guys!!!  Merry Chrismakuh.


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