Episode 28: Guest Cheesefreaks No. 1! California Cheesin’

How awesome is this…

The whole concept behind this blog was for other people to send along videos eating cheese along with my silly adventures.  After lots of friends talking a big smack about sending me some vid, Kim and Tom came through!  So…

Since I was not present during this chessefreakin’, I’m flying a bit blind in my comments, but fortunately our Cali friends gave tons of details.  K and T live in the San Fran area and went full Cali in this one.  Since it’s a great food place, it’s no surprise these cheeses appear to rock. They’re all from Marin County – which is stupid beautiful.

Also not surprisingly, their first cheese was from Cowgirl Creamery. If you know your cheese (which I barely do), everyone knows about these ladies and their legendary cheeses.  If you wanna seems all fancy you can just get one of theirs for a party and look like you know some isht.

1. Pierce Point by Cowgirl Creamery – supposedly this is ‘library cheese’ (huh?) – it’s a cow based fall winter cheese – it’s washed in muscato wine and rolled in dried herbs..it’s won all kinds of awards.  It’s super mild and good for a quiet day (according to the cool kids).

2. Beserri by Barinaga Ranch – This is a sheep cheese made like a basque hard cheese (hello – love this – I love Basque cheeses!). it’s rich and delicious! from their website: “The larger of our two cheeses is called Baserri, which means farmhouse in Basque. This cheese is a 4- to 5-pound tomme. The green Basque countryside in France and Spain is dotted with ancient tile-roofed baserris where Basque farmers still make their living in traditional ways, often milking their sheep by hand and making small batches of cheese that they sell locally. Our Baserri is made in that spirit, in small batches, by hand. It is a West Marin interpretation of the Basque cheeses you can buy from farmhouses in the Basque country.”

3. Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar – this is a raw milk aged cheddar (18 months) and is supposedly the world’s best extra mature cheddar  – and from the video – it appears to actually rock!  Here’s a bit more info on this one from the interwebs: “Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar is the product of master craftsman Mariano Gonzalez, who perfected his art at Vermont’s Shelburne Farms developing one of the first domestic bandage-wrapped cow’s milk Cheddars. Now in Modesto, California, at Fiscalini Farmstead, Mariano is making his world-class raw milk cheddars using traditional methods and aging them for at least 16 months before releasing them in limited quantities. Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar is a true American farmstead cheddar and sings with a luxurious balance of buttery, grassy, and savory flavors. This cheese is one of the few American cheddars that can compete with the famed cheddars of Neal’s Yard Dairy in England. Try this cheese with crisp apples, or toss a handful into pie crust for a truly sensational apple pie. Pair Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar with an American Craft Ale, or wines such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Grenache.”

Also just fyi K and T – perhaps by intuition, you did eat the cheeses in the right order.  You start with youngest first and eat to oldest. Well done!  and thank you both so much for the video!!!!! miss you guys!


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