Episode 30: Headless French Cheesefreak

Hey y’all – Bonjour and Mercy Buckets, the Cheesefreak is back!

So for our first overseas trip in like 1000 years  Bob and I saved up to go to the nice Jewish Christening of our Niece April (kidding, it was an actual Christening) in England, and we treated ourselves with a week in Paris – J’adore!

How can one not be in Paris and eat cheese every day.  There’s literally a fromageire on every corner.  I was in cheese heaven.

So, we decided to tape a Cheesefreak there – unfortunately the recording went a bit off and were a bit headless, nevertheless, the cheese were all really good (of course).

There’s about a million cheeseporn websites about French cheeses, this one is really helpful, dating back to 1997 (and still looking like a 1997 website) – but the cheese library is super helpful… http://www.fromages.com/cheese_library.php

So, on to what we devoured:

  1. Brie de Meaux – good. But the rind tasted like broccoli.  The mofo is huge though!!!
  2. Comte St. Antione – holy Isht!  This is one awesome cheese.  I know it’s like the french cheddar, but it’s so much better than any Comte I’ve ever had.  Go get it now.  or maybe it’s only good in France. Fudgy texture, well balanced, never bitey flavor, Comté has a buttery, hazelnut taste that grows on the tongue. It finishes with a wave of cream that slowly expands to fill your entire mouth.  Epic amounts of info on this one here: http://www.formaggiokitchen.com/travelogues/france/jura   Here’s the awesome old fort the cheese caves are in…

3. Mimolette Extra Vielle – It’s made in Normandy, yes that Normandy…

Cowgirl has a good page on this one. http://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MIMOL

It’s a safe cheese – good picnicking one….not my favorite.

4. Blue d’ Auvergne – this was a boring heavy safe blue. Not even going to bother telling y’all much about this one…although the town it’s from is gorgeous…

Generally peeps don’t lie – French food and wine was amazing everywhere and Paris is simply amazing.  Go before you croak.


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